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 West Wind Farm  Grassy Meadows, WV; office Bethesda, MD: Contact Us

West Wind Farm specializes in Black Angus beefs finished entirely on our
high quality
West Virginia mountain pastures, using rotational grazing practices.
We direct-market in Maryland, in the Washington DC-Baltimore-Annapolis region.

Aged for Tenderness     USDA Inspected     Custom Processed     Flash Frozen
Our beef has NEVER been fed any animal by-products whatsoever!

No bulk orders in 2013

Martha, at age 86, has decided, regretfully, that 2013 is her last year in business. Over the last dozen years
she has been stimulated by her learning experience in this farming and marketing endeavor. She has learned
the multiple benefits of grass-fed meat production for the well-being of the animals, the health of the
environment, the comfort of the farm family, the minimal use of fossil fuels, and for the health of the
consumers. She is grateful for a new appreciation of how people can work in concert with nature
-- as in rotational grazing and organic management of pastures. She is deeply appreciative of the
unstinting support of her family, friends, WV neighbors and network, academic and extension mentors,
and especially her fabulous and fascinating customers, all of which lifted her spirits in untold numbers of ways.

separate items, including steaks, limited availability.
contact us to reserve/purchase.

About Our Mountain Pastured Beef

West Wind Farm's Black Angus cattle are finished for 3-6 months on rich, organically managed grass and clover pastures. We lead our animals to fresh pasture every 1-3 days; their only supplement is a natural kelp/mineral mix. We carefully investigate the feeding practices of the farms from whom we purchase young animals; they are wintered on hay and grass silage. We never feed our animals animal by-products, grain, hormones, antibiotics, or steroids, nor do we ever send them to feedlots. Our natural and humane method of raising these ruminant animals produces beef that is

LOW in overall fat, calories, LDL cholesterol, and E-coli risk
HIGH in omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, and vitamin A and E

Finishing beef on pasture with rotational grazing improves soil quality, stimulates grass and clover growth, assists in pest control, protects water resources, draws carbon dioxide from the air, and conserves energy.

Grass-Finished Beef: A wholly different concept! 

Healthier for the animals
Healthier for the environment

Healthier for the consumer

A tip of our hat to our friends:

Best-selling health author Jo Robinson's rich website detailing the benefits of raising and eating grassfed meats.

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About West Wind Farm

West Wind Farm is 106 acres of pastures and woodlands on Tincher Ridge in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, at an elevation of ~2700 feet.  Our goal is to tend our land and cattle in a way that enhances our farm environment and its economic potential while benefiting the health and well-being of our animals as well as family, friends, workers, and customers.

About Our Pastures

West Wind Farm pastures have been carefully improved through use of natural rock powders, compost, and manures.  No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides have been used for at least 22 years.  Our handsome pastures are high in organic matter and mineral content; they provide excellent nourishment for the cattle while protecting top soil and water resources.

About Our Processing

Our beef is slaughtered under USDA inspection by Greenbrier Meats, Inc., a custom slaughterhouse in Lewisburg, WV.  It is dry-aged at least 2 weeks to enhance tenderness and flavor. After careful wrapping in marked packets, the meat is flash frozen and stored below 0ºF until delivery. We use no gasses, irradiation, chemical washes, saline or sugar "enhancements" when packaging the meat.

We care!
Our animals are raised and processed in a wholesome, humane, nature-friendly way.
They are not fed anything unnatural.
They are not sent to feedlots or mass processed.


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