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Purchasing Mountain Pastured Beef from West Wind Farm


West Wind Farm's USDA-inspected Mountain Pastured Beef is sold direct to the consumer. All West Wind Farm Mountain Pastured Beef is Black Angus, USDA-inspected, dry-aged 2-3 weeks, and hard-frozen. You may order either (a) in bulk (half or split-half beefs) or (b) in smaller amounts (sampler packets and some individual cuts). We provide limited delivery to a few set locations in Maryland (more on this below).

1. Our focus is on selling our beef in bulk, by the half beef or quarter beef (also known as a split half, since both forequarter and hindquarter cuts are included). FALL DELIVERY: ORDER IN BULK in early fall (mid-September ) for 1 late fall delivery to select Maryland delivery points in the Annapolis, Baltimore, or Washington D.C. suburban areas. See the bulk order form or below on this page for details about ordering and picking up bulk orders.

2. Smaller amounts of Mountain Pastured Beef are also available, as mixed-cut "sampler packets," hamburger patty packs, and some other separate items such as organ meats; these may be ordered year-round as long as supplies last. We make one "samplers" delivery a month to Accokeek, Annapolis, Columbia, Gambrills, and Owings Mills, MD; customers may also make arrangements to pick up their sampler orders most any time by appointment at our Bethesda home office or in Silver Spring (1 mile from 495 exit 28A).

See the Sampler Packs page and/or below on this page for details about ordering and picking up "sampler" orders.

Sorry, we do not ship either sampler packets or bulk orders of Mountain Pastured Beef.


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What is a bulk order?

Bulk orders comprise whole, half, or split-half beefs. Orders of split-half beefs have standard cuts. Orders of half or whole beefs are cut to customers' individual specifications. See an example of weights/number of cuts for bulk orders. The order form lists both the standard cuts and choices of cuts. The chart below indicates median weights for split-half, half, and whole beefs.


Prices are based on the dressed — or hanging — weight of the beefs, according to accepted practice by small family-owned farms that sell custom-processed beef.  The average "hanging" or "dressed" weight for a split half beef is about 130 pounds; the actual weight of meat received is 25-35% less than the dressed weight, depending on shrinkage during aging, and on your choice of bone-in or boneless cuts. Cost per pound of bulk orders after processing averages $6.25 to $6.75.

Sample prices for bulk orders, Fall 2012

  (Orders may be shared)

Split Half



(Deposit amount)

$ 100

$ 200

$ 400

Dressed weight** (example)

130 lb.

260 lb.

520 lb.

Price per pound†

$ 3.30

$ 3.25

$ 3.20

Price before butchering




Processing cost (based on weight and cuts)




Transport to MD




Total cost (example)

$ 578.15

$ 1115.73

$ 2205.46

*For a shared half, processing cost is 10¢/lb. higher
**Final weight will be approx. 25-35% less,
due to shrinkage when hanging, boning, etc.

For a Fall 2012 bulk order,
take off 10¢/lb. for orders placed on/before Sept. 23
5 ¢/lb. for orders placed Sept. 24-29.
No fall orders taken after Oct. 6.

Processing, Transport, and Delivery of Bulk Orders

Our beef is slaughtered under USDA inspection by Greenbrier Meats, Inc., a family-owned and -operated custom processing plant in Lewisburg, WV.  The beef is dry-aged for at least 2 weeks to enhance flavor and tenderness.  After careful custom butchering and wrapping with butcher paper in marked packets suitable for your family size, the meat is flash frozen, then stored at ~0°F until delivery.  We use no chemical wash, irradiation, gasses, or sodium or sugar “enhancements” when processing and packaging the meat. We offer an option for vacuum-wrap packaging (10¢/lb. extra).

Your beef will be transported by reefer truck at or near 0ºF to the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.  We deliver bulk orders to several pick-up points in Maryland, depending on orders: Bethesda, Columbia, and Gambrills, MD.


  1. Download, print, and complete the order form.
  • Read all instructions carefully on both Side A and Side B; then complete either Side A or Side B.

  1. Send us your completed order form with your deposit. We accept personal checks and Visa and Master Cards. Mail to:

    Martha Holdridge
    West Wind Farm
    7209 MacArthur Blvd.
    Bethesda, MD 20816-1038. 

    Please make checks payable to West Wind Farm.

Or FAX your completed order form, with Visa or Master Card number and expiration date, to 301-229-0910.

**Note the Early Bird Discounts, as applicable (also noted on the order form).**

  1. Receive Order Confirmation.

    Expect confirmation, usually by telephone, within 5 days.  If you do not receive such confirmation, please telephone Martha at 301-229-2813 or 866-205-5004 pin 2749.

  2. Receive Final Bill, Submit Final Payment, Indicate Pickup Location.

    About two weeks before the delivery date and when the final dressed (hanging) weight of your order is known, we will mail you your final bill.  Included with that bill will be information about the exact time and place of deliveries. The location choices will be listed on our 2012 Fall delivery webpage (active link will be added).

    Your final balance due must be paid in full a week prior to the delivery date.
    With your final payment, please return the form indicating your choice of delivery/pickup location.

  3. Take Delivery.

    Delivery will be made at the time and location indicated on the form you return with your final payment. Delivery details will be updated close to the actual time of delivery.

Questions? If you have any questions or need to have an order form mailed to you, please telephone Martha at 301-229-2813 or toll-free at 866-205-5004 pin 2749.

Refund Policy

We believe we have a very reliable system of raising, processing, and delivering our Mountain Pastured Beef.  However, if for any reason (such as drought) we are unable to fill your order, all payments made by you will be refunded promptly.

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SAMPLER PACKET ORDERS (Available Year-Round)

Mixed-cut sampler packets come in weights of 7+ lbs for $56.00 or 10+ lbs for $79.00. Typical packets include steaks, hamburger, and stew meat. Hamburger patty packs weigh 2 lbs., contain 8 quarter-pound patties, and cost $15.50. Some individual items--including steaks, bulk hamburger, stew meat, and organ meats--are available individually priced.

Deliveries of prepaid orders of sampler packets and individual cuts are made once a month as described on our Sampler Packet webpage.

Customers may also make arrangements to pick up their orders at
most any time by appointment at our Bethesda home office (7209 MacArthur Blvd.) or in Silver Spring (1 mile from 495 Beltway exit 28A).

STEPS TO ORDER (Packets, etc.)

  1. View the contents of individual mixed-cut sampler packets on our sampler webpage (www.westwindfarm.biz/samplers) and select one or more choices from those packets that are not marked Reserved or Sold.

  2. See the order/delivery/pickup information and decide whether you will want to take delivery of your order at a monthly specified delivery location or by appointment at the Bethesda or Silver Spring location.

  3. Email Martha Holdridge at martha@westwindfarm.biz to communicate your choices of packets or cuts and intended delivery/pickup location. Please include your name, telephone number(s), and address (for new customers). Also include a second choice for packets or cuts in case your first choice is not available.

Or, you may also telephone 301-229-2813 or toll-free, 866-205-5004, pin 2749, to place your order.

  1. Receive confirmation of your order by phone (or email). If you wish to pick up your order in Bethesda or Silver Spring, you can also make arrangements for a mutually convenient pickup time.

  2. All orders must be paid in full before pickup. We accept cash, check, Visa or Mastercard. Make checks out to West Wind Farm, or provide your credit card number and expiration date via email or telephone.

Questions? If you have any questions, please telephone Martha at
301-229-2813 or toll-free at 866-205-5004 pin 2749.


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Comments from our Customers
  • “It feels good to eat a food that you trust.” (Joanna)

  • Thanks for … such a great product!” (Danny)

  • “I believe this ground beef is the most flavorful I have tasted.” (Susan)

  • “We grilled a chuck steak last night. It was absolutely delicious! It was more tender than I expected for a chuck steak, and the flavor was exceptional.  (Margaret)

  • “My husband, who insisted I was crazy for ordering so much of your beef, has discovered he does not want to and will not eat any other.” (Chrystina)

  • "I've been ordering in bulk for more than five years... I wouldn't eat any other beef." (Charles)

color photo of Angus herd on rolling fields of West Wind Farm
  West Wind Farm
Grassy Meadows, WV
Contact us anytime
at our Bethesda, MD, home office:

7209 MacArthur Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20816

MD Tel: 301-229-2813
Toll-free: 866-205-5004, pin 2749
Fax 301-229-0910

Email: martha@westwindfarm.biz

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