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West Wind Farm Mountain Pastured Beef
Sampler Packets
& Separate Items

Grass-finished for your health on our rich West Virginia pastures
All USDA inspected, aged for tenderness, flash frozen, and maintained at or near 0°F
Our beef has NEVER been fed any animal by-products whatsoever.
Most cuts are packaged using only butcher paper and paper tape.

Martha, at age 86, has decided, regretfully, that 2013 is her last year in business. Over the last dozen years
she has been stimulated by her learning experience in this farming and marketing endeavor. She has learned
the multiple benefits of grass-fed meat production for the well-being of the animals, the health of the
environment, the comfort of the farm family, the minimal use of fossil fuels, and for the health of the
consumers. She is grateful for a new appreciation of how people can work in concert with nature
-- as in rotational grazing and organic management of pastures. She is deeply appreciative of the
unstinting support of her family, friends, WV neighbors and network, academic and extension mentors,
and especially her fabulous and fascinating customers, all of which lifted her spirits in untold numbers of ways.

The items below constitute the balance of our meat that is available to customers.
The last delivery will be made in October 2013.
However, customers may pick up orders in Bethesda
through December 15, 2013, based on limited supplies as listed.

All orders totaling $200 or more:10% discount.
(including combined orders from one or more friends)

photo of pasture grass

Delivery will be made in October on prepaid orders in
Accokeek, Annapolis, Columbia, Gambrills, & Owings Mills, MD.
-$50 minimum order for delivery-
Most anytime, by appointment, in Bethesda, MD.

In November and through December 15, no deliveries
Pick up in Bethesda only
Look below chart for
ordering and delivery/pickup details

No Sampler Packets are Available
Most items are butcher-paper-wrapped.

Flank steak (boneless)
0.67 lb. -- $12.50Sold
0.58 lb. -- $11.00

Rib eye steak (boneless, 2/pk)
1.03 lb. -- $19.50 Sold
1.03 lb. -- $19.50

1.33 lb. -- $9.50 (paper-wrapped)

Liver (sliced)
1.70 lb. -- $13.50 (vacuum-pack)Sold
1.60 lb. -- $13.00 (vacuum-pack)Sold
1.49 lb. -- $12.00 (vacuum-pack)
1.35 lb. -- $11.00 (vacuum-pack)
1.26 lb. -- $10.00 (vacuum-pack)
1.17 lb. -- $9.50 (vacuum-pack)

0.97 lb. -- $5.00 (vacuum-pack)Sold
0.88 lb. -- $4.50 (vacuum-pack)
0.84 lb. -- $4.00 (vacuum-pack)
0.83 lb. -- $4.00 (vacuum-pack)
0.79 lb. -- $4.00( vacuum-pack)Sold
0.74 lb. -- $3.50 (vacuum-pack)
0.72 lb. -- $3.50 (vacuum-pack)
0.67 lb. -- $3.00 (vacuum-pack)

1.90 lb. -- $15.00 (vacuum-pack)

0.97 lb. -- $8.00 (vacuum-pack)
0.94 lb. -- $7.50 (vacuum-pack)

Ordering Details

Select desired packet number(s) or cuts according to contents and price.
--If taking delivery at a location below, please pay in advance by check or credit card.
--If picking up at the West Wind Farm home office in Bethesda or in Silver Spring MD,
you may reserve and pay at pickup. Make checks payable to West Wind Farm.

To order and arrange for payment and delivery/pickup,
contact Martha Holdridge (see the Contacts page or directly below).

"Anytime" Pickup Location for Reserved or Prepaid Orders
Bethesda, MD 20816 By appointment, call Martha
301-229-2813 or
301-346-4558 (cell) 
West Wind Farm office (and residence): 7209 MacArthur Blvd. Bethesda, MD 20816 (near Glen Echo)
photo of pasture and fence


October 2013 Delivery Locations/Times
for Prepaid Orders
$50 minimum order for delivery
Emergency contact prior to delivery/pickup times:

Columbia, MD 21045 Saturday, October 26
1:15-1:30 p.m.
Parking circle in front of the residence at 9246 Sealed Message, Columbia, MD 21045
Owings Mills, MD 21117 Saturday, October 26
2:00-2:15 p.m.
Your Prescription for Health, 10210 South Dolfield Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117
Gambrills, MD 21054 Saturday, October 26
3:00-3:15 p.m.
parking lot by 325 Gambrills Road, Suite A, Gambrills, MD 21054
Annapolis, MD 21401 Saturday, October 26
3:45-4:00 p.m

Meadow Hill Wellness, 53 Old Solomons Island Road,
Annapolis, MD 21401

Bowie, MD 20715 Saturday,October 26
4:30-4:45 p.m.
In front of residence at 12306 Rustic Hill Drive. Bowie, MD 20715

Mountain Pastured Beef is a product of
West Wind Farm, Grassy Meadows, WV, 24843

For more information about our healthful, humanely raised grass-finished beef,
visit our homepage on the Web
http://www.westwindfarm.biz or the links below.

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